Carol Stream Public Library

PDF info page for Carol Stream Public Library's binge box program. Created by Jessica Elder.

Carol Stream Public Library

This presentation was created by Jessica Elder. It was shared as part of the July 12, 2022 event Ask Us Anything: Binge Boxes.

Going Green. Image credit: Chillicothe Public Library District.

Chillicothe Public Library District

Infographic on how Chillicoth Public Library District is going green. Made using Canva:

Image icon going green.png (736.01 KB)

Eureka Public Library District

Fresh Start Marketing presentation delivered as part of the Effective Library Marketing Campaigns presentation at the 2020 ILA Annual Conference. Developed by Ann Reeves, Eureka Public Library District. 

Evergreen Park Public Library

Brochure from the Evergreen Park Public Library on how to join the library's foundation. Made using Canva.

Evergreen Park Public Library

Printable flyer for a Thanksgiving food drive run by the Evergreen Park Public Library.

Generic Audiobook 8.5x11-no logo

Generic Audiobook 8.5x11-no logo

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Overdrive promo

Huntley Area Public Library District

Social media posts developed by Huntley Area Public Library District using Canva

Image icon Overdrive Libby.png (346.02 KB),Image icon pasta dinner.png (1.27 MB),Image icon t huntley.png (555 KB),Image icon week of march 28.png (397.23 KB),Image icon womens day.png (638.31 KB),Image icon chess.png (835.79 KB),Image icon Drive up.png (1.34 MB),Image icon home biz.png (883.43 KB),Image icon hoopla slip.png (2.56 MB)

Iberia Schools

Created by Kelsye Baudion of Ibera Schools in New Iberia, Louisiana. This graphic was created using Canva. You can access more of Kelsye's work on her website:

Iberia Schools

Created by Kelsye Baudion of Ibera Schools in New Iberia, Louisiana. This graphic was created using Canva. You can access more of Kelsye's work on her website:

2021 Annual Report from IFLS


This Canva template was created by IFLS. You can download the editable template from Canva and use it for your own marketing.

For more marketing and advocacy resources from IFLS, please visit:... More from IFLS

July-December 2021 Continuing Education Calendar Handout

Illinois Heartland Library System

IHLS's half-year calendar handout, available both for download on our website and as a (potentially updated) printed copy to be handed out at in-person events

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

The pandemic made Zoom a household word, even if many people were unfamiliar with the platform of the capabilities.  I created this infographic to share with our patrons as a step-by-step guide on how to use Zoom for meetings.

Kane County Law Library

Brochure listing self-help legal resources available to the public in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois.


Kane County Law Library

2-per-sheet handout that lists a number of services and programs of the Kane County Law Library and Self Help Legal Center.

Kane County Law Library

Instagram post made with Canva.

Kane County Law Library

QR code for Instagram made with Canva.

La Grange Park Public Library

This resource guide was created in Indesign, but it has elements of Canva designs inside.

Lillie M. Evans Library District

This piece was created using and used on a display as well as our Facebook event. The Auditor’s Office liked it so much that they asked to have access to edit the file for similar events at other libraries. There were also shorter banner style and full page size ads created. The letter size has... More from Lillie M. Evans Library District