22 April 2019

Talking Points for School Libraries

"My School Library Is ..." - Flyer focusing on school libraries. Sources are provided on the annotated document.

American Association of School Libraries Advocacy Resources

Infographics, reports, research and statistics, action brief on Common Core standards, and more.

American Association of School Libraries Advocacy Toolkit

"Educated Support for School Libraries and School Library Professionals"

Toolkit for Promoting School Library Programs

From the American Association of School Librarians.

100 Things Kids Will Miss If They Don't Have a School Librarian

By Nancy Everhart and Susan Ballard this downloadable free poster is a startling list that every school librarian should know and share with parents, students, staff, and especially administration.

Advocacy Brochures for School Libraries

American Association of School Librarians. School Library Programs Improve Student Learning. Designed to help school librarians generate and guide discussion with stakeholder groups in the school community, each brochure in this set outlines goals and key questions specific to each audience—administrators, policymakers, parents, and teachers—helping school librarians lead unique conversations, set goals and expectations for the program and stakeholders, and maximize the potential of the school library program. These brochures can also be customized for your particular school library.

School Library Infographic

Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students, created by the AASL Legislation Committee, is freely available for download by members of the media and general public provided no alterations are made and that the posting is for educational, noncommercial purposes only. Additional resources are also available.

School Library Crisis Toolkit

American Association of School Librarians - School Library Crisis Toolkit

Talking Points from the American Association of School Librarians

“I’ll Fight You For The Library” performed by Taylor Mali

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