17 May 2019

Below are some talking points to use when talking to library users and others about the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) and the programs and services that are available to them through the system. There will likely never be a time when it will be possible to cover all of these points in one conversation. Different points will work in different situations and it is always best to choose the topic that you think will be of greatest interest to the person you are speaking with. 

You can also "mix and match" these talking points. Instead of memorizing the different points word-for-word, it may be more helpful to pick a point or two that particularly resonates with you or to combine separate elements from different points into a new talking point. You do not have to say a lot. The important thing is to feel comfortable in what you are saying and to get the conversation started.

For additional talking points for libraries, see:

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About RAILS (General Information)

  • RAILS is one of three library systems in Illinois. RAILS offers a number of important services to approximately 4,000 individual library buildings in a 27,000 square mile area. Together these libraries serve over 8 million Illinois residents of all ages. RAILS also offers additional services that are available to every Illinois resident.
  • RAILS' main mission is to help libraries to be the best they can be and to provide the best possible service to their customers/communities. No one library is able to provide everything their users need. RAILS optimizes the use of tax dollars by helping libraries to collaborate and share their resources with each other.
  • RAILS offers a number of services for every type of library (academic, public, school, and special). You are probably familiar with public libraries and may also know that there are libraries in colleges, universities, and elementary and high schools. Many people don’t know about “special” libraries, which are found in law firms, hospitals, museums, and other business and nonprofit organizations. RAILS serves them all!

Expanding Your Library Through Resource Sharing

More Benefits to Libraries

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