Bartlett Public Library District

Roslyn Schmaltz
  • Library Employee
Library visitor sitting in an armchair.

Marianne Nyberg was brought to a library by her father at least every other week when she was growing up. It was in a library that she learned to read, while, more importantly, cultivating a love of reading as well. Now, being a resident of Bartlett for the past 33 years, her love of libraries has not diminished as she greatly enjoys visiting the Bartlett Public Library District often for programs or checking out materials.

“The community gives to the library, and the library gives back to the community,” Marianne said in regards to the various programs, materials available for checkout, library services and charitable donation drives that are housed within the Bartlett Library.

“The [Bartlett] Library offers so much that it makes me feel like a fulfilled person,” Marianne said. “As people age, they may become more close-minded, so I want to always be learning and to keep an open mind. The library helps me to do that with its diverse programs and books.”

Aside from the many programs Marianne likes to attend, and her enjoyment for perusing the shelves on the search for a good read, she is also quite fond of the Bartlett Library staff, and there is one who sticks out to her in particular.

“Karen [Sego] became a friend of mine. She’s a fun lady,” Marianne said. “She gives me book recommendations and mentions upcoming programs so that I won’t miss them. All the programs she puts on are great.”

“Marianne and I met while we were active in Arts in Bartlett,” Adult Services Librarian Karen Sego said. “As I help her here [at the Bartlett Library] with book recommendations, she showed me how to appreciate works of art. I am glad that she enjoys our programs, and it is great when she suggests programs for us to consider. I respect her opinions.”

When Marianne was asked what she’d say to those who don’t have a library card, she said, “Why don’t you? There’s so much to do; the library isn’t just books. There’s events for all ages and the staff is always willing to help.”

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