Effective Library Marketing Campaigns

26 October 2020

At the 2020 ILA Annual Conference, I had the privilege of co-presenting a program, Effective Library Marketing Campaigns, with two colleagues, Burgundy Hill from Quincy Public Library and Ann Reeves from Eureka Public Library District. Our presentation focused on how libraries can promote themselves through stronger coordination of communication channels, better brand building, and campaign planning tools that are easily available through the My Library Is... website. Here's a description:

My Library Is... Conversation with Dr. Mary Moen

16 September 2020

RAILS Member Engagement Manager Dan Bostrom speaks with Dr. Mary Moen from the School Librarians of Rhode Island about Overdue: The Value of School Librarians. The School Librarians of Rhode Island produced this short documentary style advocacy film to show the value of school librarians. Please be sure to watch the video (linked above) and check out the resources they've provided such as a discussion guide and advocacy letter

Wanted: Volunteers for My Library Is... Advisory Group

2 September 2020

Are you interested in library advocacy and outreach? Want to help RAILS libraries tell their story and make the case for increased support/funding? Apply to be a My Library Is.. Advisory Group member!

RAILS is seeking seven volunteers to help publicize the campaign and make people more aware of resources on the My Library Is... website. Volunteers will be asked to help create new resources and write regular blog posts. To apply, please fill out this interest form by Friday, September 25, 2020 (deadline extended).

My Library Is... (and Was) Still Open!

1 July 2020

When a librarian at one of the state universities called to survey this academic library about our plans for re-opening from the pandemic, our response that “we never closed” was met with shock.

Well, actually we did close for a few days between trimesters. But other than that, the library at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, has remained open to its students and faculty.

Keeping in Touch with the Public Through Videos

14 May 2020

Libraries are the gems of their communities. In no other place are people from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds welcomed and serve as a space for us to encounter the “other,” no questions asked.  We respect your privacy; encourage you to participate in our programs, use the computers; help you research, look for materials and much more. 

Statement on the Importance of a Director in Charge of the Academic Library

4 May 2020

At its December 2019 meeting, the CARLI Board of Directors discussed the issue that some members’ organizations are not filling the library director position when the incumbent leaves, for example, retires or resigns. The college or university simply “assigns” the library to a campus administrator, like a vice president or assistant provost, who may have many other responsibilities. Sometimes a mid-level library staff member is named as “in charge” without title or compensation change.

Become a My Library Is... Champion!

10 February 2020

You agree with the concept: libraries need more resources to help them tell the story. You like the resources: a whole website full of those resources. But now you're wondering, how can you help with the My Library Is... campaign? 

Great question! You can start by becoming a My Library Is... Champion! What is a My Library Is... Champion? It's anyone that can invest the time to participate in the campaign by doing one or more of the following activities:

Forming Partnerships for Library Advocacy

31 July 2019

I really just wanted to host the Skylab from the Peoria Riverfront Museum. That’s all.

And how can you blame me? Have you seen it? It’s this giant inflatable dome and, once inside, it’s a planetarium.

Anyway, it turns out, there’s a space requirement. And, at 25 by 25 feet, it’s not a small requirement for a rural library. Of course, I can’t meet that requirement, so I can’t host. And, somehow this comes up in conversation.

“You know you can host events at the senior center, right?”

This is, turns out, how the best partnerships are formed.

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