My Library Is... Conversation About Why School Libraries Matter

21 April 2022

RAILS Member Engagement Manager Dan Bostrom talks with Andrea Perrin, Janine Asmus, Gail Meyer, & Robyn Whitlock about their letter published in the Chicago Tribune. These four Association of Illinois School Library Educators (AISLE) members discuss why school libraries are so important and what librarians can do to advocate for the profession.

The My Library Is… Survey Results Are In!

25 January 2022

Thanks to all who filled out the recent My Library Is... survey!

In November 2021, RAILS conducted four separate surveys targeted at our four library types (academic, public, school, and specialized) to measure awareness of the My Library Is... campaign and to determine what changes to the website/campaign could help libraries more effectively demonstrate their value to different stakeholders, justify the need for continued or increased library funding, and more. 

RAILS to Spotlight Specialized Libraries

15 November 2021

Did you know that there are over 100 specialized libraries in RAILS? Each specialized library serves a unique audience with specialized resources. As part of the My Library Is... campaign, RAILS is looking to spotlight specialized libraries and how they make a difference in their organization. Through a series of video interviews called the Specialized Library Spotlight, RAILS will discuss how each library serves their audience and how they tell their story.

Help Us Help You Get More Support for Your Library

3 November 2021

Do you need help demonstrating the value of your library to different stakeholders? Want to know what to say to justify the need for continued/increased library funding or staffing? Would you like to attract new library users? Want advice on how to promote the library’s role in identifying fake news or why libraries are needed more than ever in the internet age?

Giving a Voice to Small and Rural Libraries

27 September 2021

Small and rural libraries play a critical role in connecting community members to vital resources and programs.  Each year nearly 30 million Americans are served by the nation’s approximately 4,000 rural library systems.  This number illustrates the value that local communities place on library services.  Small and rural libraries are the heart of the community they serve.  Like their counterparts they are a place of information, a community hub connecting people to people offering safe havens for their users while providing the range of information resources needed to live, learn,

#FundLibraries Challenge Update!

5 August 2021

Thank you to all of the libraries that have already participated in the #FundLibraries Challenge! We've seen some incredible creations from libraries who want everyone to know how they make a difference in their community. Who knew you could make such wonderful things out of books? 

It really demonstrates the energy and passion our libraries have for the work they do for their patrons. Below, we've linked you to the social media posts from our participating libraries:


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