Colona District Public Library

Sarah Alexander
  • Library Employee

Colona District Public Library’s Youth Services assistant, Bailey Hager, has had a very busy spring and summer. Bailey began a Virtual Story Time in March which will continue indefinitely. She purposefully chose books to match crafts she was demonstrating using items easily found in a home. Bailey used different voices to act out the parts of various characters in the books. Bailey majored in theater and art in college so I think this was more fun than work!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bailey Hager developed her own summer reading program for Colona Public Library, SUMMER OF EXPLORATION: READ, CREATE, DISCOVER! Colona Public Library’s Summer Reading Program was 4 weeks long.  Bailey’s goal was to develop activities and themes that would encourage learning and families working together during July. The participants needed to complete 8 of 17 activities with 3 activities requiring reading on 3 separate days each week. The activities included art projects, STEM projects, solving a weekly puzzle, virtual Escape Rooms, playing outside, reading a non-fiction book on the weekly theme, watching a virtual program on our Facebook page or website, jumping rope, building a famous landmark using marshmallows and toothpicks, building an obstacle course, cooking a new recipe from a library book, taking a “Story Park Hike” or decorating a bicycle, scooter or skates and showing it to a librarian. Our themes were Week 1: read and learn about an artist, ancient world leader, another culture, another country or mythology.; Week 2: read and learn about an environmentalist, biologist, zoologist or an animal.; Week 3: read and learn about a planet other than earth, the Artemis missions, the night sky, astrophysicists, astronauts or astronomers.; and Week 4: read and learn about Olympic gold medalists or a sport you didn't know about. Buttons were awarded weekly for tasks completed. Adults, parents and children were thrilled with the Summer Program and have asked for a similar format next summer.