Hinckley Public Library District

  • Library Employee

In a small town with no regular activities or entertainment opportunities, the library is a place to meet your new best friend. There are many kids between the ages of 8 and 13 who meet at the library after school and during the summer to play their favorite computer games together. As the noise levels increase, so do the friendships. They celebrate Fortnite victories together and teach each other strategies for new games. These are the kids who have internet at home but don't often have someone home with them. I have heard this exchange between two different sets of middle-school boys: "I'm so glad I found you for my friend." That connection wouldn't have happened without the library.

And kids aren't the only ones finding connection at the library. Two senior ladies met in the adult coloring class and became instant friends. Now they meet several times a week to assemble jigsaw puzzles together at the library. They are the first people to sign up for, and sometimes teach, new classes. Beyond books and events and fast WiFi, my library is important because it brings people together.