21 December 2023

The Huntley Area Public Library Friends Foundation reaches $1 million milestone

Huntley Area Public Library District

The Huntley Area Public Library Board of Directors celebrate raising $1 Million

The Huntley Area Public Library Friends Foundation reach $1 Million in fundraising efforts.

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The Huntley Area Public Library Friends Foundation reaches $1 million milestone.


The Huntley Area Public Library Friends Foundation has recently reached the milestone of raising $1 million. They have provided funding for library programs and services through fundraising efforts since the group’s inception in 2010.

The Friends Foundation is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization made up of over 300 volunteers who are proud of the library and are dedicated to helping the library serve as a reading and learning resource in our community.

According to the Friends Foundation website, “the mission of the Friends of the Huntley Library is to raise funds to support and promote the many resources available at the library.” The Friends raise funds through membership dues, book sale revenue- most notably their Fall Fest Book Sale, their largest book sale of the year- and other fundraising efforts. However, nearly $400,000.00 of their efforts have been raised through the ongoing Corner Books sale inside the Huntley Area Public Library.

“While our group is mostly retired members, we plan fundraisers to appeal to all ages,” said one member of the Friends Foundation board. “Minilinks at the library is a family event, book sales feature materials for all ages- Kona Ice and Culver’s fundraisers also appeal to all ages.”

Currently, the Friends Foundation just wrapped up their annual Holiday Basket Raffle. Participants purchased tickets for a chance to win prizes such as airpods, gift cards to local businesses, Legos, and more. Their efforts brought in over $3700.00.

For anyone who is interested in becoming a Friend or making a donation to the organization, please contact Pamela Kampwerth at pkampwerth@huntleylibrary.org or visit the Friends Foundation website at www.huntleylibraryfriends.org.

“On behalf of the library board and staff, I congratulate the Huntley Area Public Library Friends Foundation on reaching the milestone of donating $1 million to the Huntley Area Public Library District,” said Huntley Area Public Library Director Frank Novak. “I cannot overstate the importance of our Friends Foundation and what the members work has meant to the library over the years.”

Novak said the Friends Foundation has been a long-standing pillar of support, facilitating programming and the purchase of new materials for our community, as well as helping the library through its recent building program.

“As the library district has grown, the Friends Foundation has grown with us,” said Novak. “I thank all of the Friends Foundation members for their support, and I look forward to a fruitful partnership moving forward.”


The Huntley Area Public Library’s mission is to Provide Endless Opportunities to the Huntley Area Community. The library continues to work with and appreciates the support of community organizations, local businesses, and the community members that make our continued success possible.  Visit the Huntley Area Public Library at 11000 Ruth Rd. Huntley, IL 60142 or online at www.huntleylibrary.org.

For media inquiries, please contact Doug Cataldo at dcataldo@huntleylibrary.org or 847.669.5386 ext. 229.