5 July 2023
East Elementary School.

Our library was created in 2020, after returning from COVID-19, as a newly formed, K-2, dual language center. Previously, we were K-6 English, mono-lingual. With much gratitude towards the support of RAILS and the My Library Is Grant, we are creating and living a new future for our deserving students.

As part of our re-organization, the entirety of our staff participated in GLAD training (Guided Language Acquisition Design). Our teachers were provided with materials to support the grade level units they designed. With the funds provided from the My Library Is Grant, I was able to bring ancillary books to each classroom for extended learning opportunities, for all grades, in English, Spanish, and bi-lingual books.

These materials have been central in helping our students enhance their own learning due to the books now part of our collection. These grade-level units include SEL topics, Biographical studies, Animals, Fairy Tales, The Planets, The Seasons, and Human Health, to name a few.

Thanks to RAILS, My Library Is … Their Future, as it should be: growing, changing, adapting to their needs and interests, and not settling for second best.

East Elementary School thanks you!

Today's My Library Is... blog post comes from Todd Freer. Todd is the Library Media Specialist / Technology Teacher at East Elementary School in Zion, IL. East Elementary School received a 2022 My Library Is... Grant for School Libraries.