21 January 2021
Scott Zella

This year we celebrated 20 years of building and decorating gingerbread houses at the Henderson County Public Library District!!  Back in 2000 the library director (I was the assistant library director in 2000) attended a class at Fondulac PLD to learn how to build a gingerbread house and the list of candy to purchase.  She then came back to our library and held the first gingerbread house decorating days with just 15 attending.

As COVID-19 began and changes had to be made, we decided to build the gingerbread houses and make them as kits to take home and decorate. But.....would families want to take them home and decorate?

Oh YES, this has been the biggest response we have ever had!  My library staff of 7 plus 8 volunteers built 430 gingerbread houses with graham crackers and meringue frosting!   

I am so thankful for such a wonderful staff, library board of trustees (3 of the library board members helped build gingerbread houses)  and friends that volunteer to make this all possible.  

I am so thankful that so many families have taken this opportunity to spend time with their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends to make a memory----a beautiful memory for 2020!  

We had 7 days for patrons to choose to pick up their kits.  They then were given a date the entries were to be submitted with a photo of their completed gingerbread house.  We asked that they send the picture to our email or on facebook via messenger.  Library staff chose five houses from four age groups to be displayed at the library for voting.  In person voting was held for 9 days and the winners were announced on Monday, December 21st.   First and second place prizes were awarded for the four age groups as well as a prize for most festive, most creative and overall appearance.  Prizes awarded were a holiday dvd, a sack of candy and for most festive, most creative and overall appearance we gave a gift certificate from our apple orchard/bakery from our county.

We truly do live in the best community.

Anita Smith, Library Director


What an amazing idea! That

<p>What an amazing idea! That truly was a labor of love that your staff gave to your patrons.&nbsp; Well done!</p>