Using Your Data Superpowers for Good
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You're collecting data about library collections, programs, and patron visits to report to your board and the state, but how can you use these data to evaluate and reflect on library operations internally? So much of the data libraries collect, or could collect, can help us to serve our communities and live our visions more effectively. This webinar will explore the general data landscape in a library, from an audit of current data practices and thoughts on opportunities to collect new useful data, to strategies for looking at data sets in new ways and methods for sharing what you learn through data analysis. Libraries at all stages of thinking about data are welcome.

Topics/ Agenda:
1. What type of data are you currently collecting, and why?
2. Thinking about data you don't currently have
3. Looking at your existing data with fresh eyes (and spy glasses)
4. What to do with what you learn
5. Planning for your library's data future

Desired Outcomes: 
Participants will be able to:
-understand the value of assessing their current data collection practices
-identify data currently being collected that is not needed, and identify data that is needed that is not currently collected
-analyze existing data sets with a more critical lens
-develop intentional practices around sharing data and analysis of that data


Devan Parkison is Data Analysis Coordinator at Skokie Public Library, where she has assessed the library's data practices and spearheaded data analysis projects across the library. 

Amy Koester is Learning Experiences Manager at Skokie Public Library, where she oversees the department that coordinates all public programs and learning spaces in the library.


This webinar was held on April 24, 2019 and is approximately sixty minutes long.

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Requires free WebJunction account for access to webinars and recordings.

Screen capture of WebJunction Course Catalog homepage.

Requires free WebJunction account for access to webinars and recordings.

Why Do I Like That Sign?
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Lynn Hoffman presented a webinar about signage in the library. You may know a great sign when you see it, but do you know what makes it great? The difference between an okay sign and a great sign can often be a small and simple thing. By learning the basic principles of effective signage, you can make sure your signs are actually doing what you need them to do.

Wrangling Library Patron Data Privacy
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In this interactive webinar, participants will explore the realm of library data privacy through the data lifecycle, from the what, where, when, and why of data collection to the logistics of data storage and access, to (somewhat unorthodox) ways of deleting data. Each stage will investigate library practices that put patron privacy at risk, as well as ways that library staff can mitigate those risks at that stage. Participants will gain a better overall view of how patron data flows through the library and will come back to their library with a starter kit to help them wrangle patron data privacy.

Learning Objectives
The participants should:

- understand the basics of PII and what types of PII a library collects in both physical and digital spaces.

- be aware of federal and state regulations that would affect how their libraries handle certain types of patron data, including record retention and confidentiality policies

- know the major stages in the data lifecycle, and how privacy plays a role in each stage

- be able to start building a basic data privacy audit for their library

Staff who work with patron data or create privacy policies



This webinar was recorded on July 18th and is approximately 90 mins long.


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