An Invitation to Share Your Story

15 February 2021

No matter what your position is within your organization, sooner or later, you are going to be approached to write something. It may be a description for an upcoming program, a press release, a grant proposal, or something as simple as an email to a patron or colleague. For some, writing any of these would be easy. Beautiful prose would flow from their brains to their fingers and out to the keyboard, pen, or pencil. For others, writing anything is about as appealing as a root canal – something that is done only out of necessity.

My Library Is... Collaborating with Our Local Writers Group!

8 June 2020

We are excited to share a recently completed anthology created by the Brookfield Writers Group (BWG) and the La Grange Writers Group (LGWG) titled "Covid Chronicles: 19-word Stories." While this anthology is a record of individual experiences and perspectives during this pandemic, it is also a demonstration that creative collaboration is possible during a time of social distancing! Twenty-three writers contributed to this collection. Some individuals belong to one or both of the writers groups that are hosted by the Brookfield Public Library (BPL) and La Grange Public Library (LGPL).

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