3-D Printing Builds School Library Bridges

3 March 2022

The library at Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School has made a positive impact in the lives of students in that it has become a place where students can meet, become friends, and have positive interactions with one other. It is a place where all students are welcome, and a place where all students interact and become friends. We play games - both board games and computer games. They discuss and debate issues, and really expand viewpoints and perspectives, as cliques and social standing really do not matter. 

Making the Most of August at the Library

23 August 2021

I have a love/hate relationship with August.  I hate August because it sometimes feels useless.  August is long and hot and dreary.  Summer reading is wrapping up or is over already, but it is too soon to start thinking about next year.  Patrons seem to be far too preoccupied with tying up their own summers and getting ready for back-to-school to participate in programming.  Most autumn activities and programming don’t kick into high gear until after Labor Day.  And, there are no universally recognized holidays in August to offer staff a mental break from their routines.

Every Trick in (and out of) the Book

8 March 2021

Textbook affordability and accessibility issues are not new. We have seen alarming articles on how the rising costs of required course materials is overburdening college students and thwarting their efforts to achieve their educational and professional goals. But academic libraries are stepping up to advocate for students and to provide resources for both students and faculty and to support the instructional mission of their institutions.

Recommendations for Makerspaces During a Pandemic

4 December 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how patrons and library staff utilize and learn in makerspaces or within their maker communities. Beyond topics of public health and politics, this pandemic has shown the importance of the skills and sense of community that one may gain in makerspaces. A perfect example is masks and other PPE supplies. In many ways, programs and classes where patrons have learned to sew are lifesaving! Let’s review some best practice suggestions to reopening a makerspace safely during this or any pandemic!

Story by Emily Hampston on Jul 17, 2020

Library Programs Bridge the Distance

Bridie Murphy faithfully attends story time with Ms. B at the Palos Park Public Library. She listens to the welcome song, looks at all the pictures, and knows when to say goodbye. With the implementation of social distancing regulations, story time looks a little different now. Rather than joining other children in the library, she watches Ms. B on the computer surrounded by her stuffed animals. The location has changed but the heart behind library programs has not.  

Story by Rachel Reiter on Feb 10, 2020

Our Short Story Kiosk, generously donated by the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation last spring, has ventured out into the community and made its first stop at Glen Crest Middle School!

The Kiosk dispenses one, three and five-minute stories and poems on long scrolls resembling receipt paper. At Glen Crest, readers can choose from three categories, designated by large buttons on the machine: "Children," "Young Adult" and "Glen Crest." The latter will print original student-written stories.

Boost Your Skills with Training Options from My Library Is...

9 December 2019

How many times have you registered for a webinar and sunk into your office chair when the Outlook alert comes up and you totally forgot about it?

I’ve been there many times.

How many times have you received an email after the webinar with a link to watch later, but that never happens because you get busy and the email becomes buried in your inbox?

I’ve been there many times, too.

Is there one place to access free tutorials on my own time?

Yes, and you can access them right now on the My Library Is…website!

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