Tell Your Library’s Story With Social Media

22 November 2019

Social media is a great way to promote your library.  So how do you keep things engaging, but also relatable to your library?  

  • Know your audience

Knowing your core audience, or who you want to promote certain things to, is the first step. What do you want the post to convey?

  • Know the strengths of your platforms

At Lewis, we use the three main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We like to play to their strengths:

Library Workers in Public Office

13 August 2019

“I’m not really a joiner.” The words fell out of my mouth before I really knew what I was saying. I had said the same thing so many times in my life that it felt like a cliche, but I realized in that moment that it had been a while since I had given it much thought. It was late 2017, I was at the ILA Annual Conference and someone had just suggested I join an organizational committee to get more involved in professional development, but I didn’t feel like I had enough to offer.

Forming Partnerships for Library Advocacy

31 July 2019

I really just wanted to host the Skylab from the Peoria Riverfront Museum. That’s all.

And how can you blame me? Have you seen it? It’s this giant inflatable dome and, once inside, it’s a planetarium.

Anyway, it turns out, there’s a space requirement. And, at 25 by 25 feet, it’s not a small requirement for a rural library. Of course, I can’t meet that requirement, so I can’t host. And, somehow this comes up in conversation.

“You know you can host events at the senior center, right?”

This is, turns out, how the best partnerships are formed.

Connect Your Patrons' Library Stories

7 May 2019

Do you want your visitors to share their stories about your library on You can put a link for our "Tell Your Library Story" submission form, with your library's name already filled in, on your website.

Here's the HTML code to use for your link:

<a href="[field_library_relationship][und][28]=28&edit[field_library_name][und][0][value]=YOUR LIBRARY NAME">Tell Your Story</a>

(Replace "YOUR LIBRARY NAME" with your library's name.)


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