Preach to the Choir

15 March 2021

When we have a message we want to share with the public, we turn to our list of what I like to think of as tools, and decide which will best help us get the word out. Depending on the message, we use a combination (or all!) of these tools: social media posts, print and electronic newsletter blurbs, flyers, bookmarks, press releases, blogs, etc. But what I think is the most important tool is probably the one that’s been around the longest… actual word of mouth. 

Story by Maria Meachum on Mar 12, 2021

During the pandemic we built a small accessory building next to our library to house our new smart lockers. The idea expanded to include more 24 hour service features such as an air printer/copier/scanner and 15 internet station. This gave people who did not have a computer and could not come in to the library a chance to help themselves. With 24 hour cameras, temperature control and very open design people are able to use us 24/7. We call this place The Drop.

Talking About Important Topics Through Reading

11 March 2021

Lake Forest Library and Lake Bluff Public Library are proud to present their joint nonfiction reading program called Read Between the Ravines. This Two Communities, One Nonfiction Book program brings together Lake Forest and Lake Bluff with the purpose of enhancing nonfiction literacy and inspiring discussion around real-world issues. 

Encouraging the Creative Spirit

22 February 2021

We are all born with an innate creative spirit. As humans, we have the instinctive drive to create, and as someone who works in early literacy and with young children, my job is to nurture that creative spirit in our youngest library patrons. When I plan programs, my primary goal always revolves around the question, “How can I encourage children to think freely and creatively?”  

An Invitation to Share Your Story

15 February 2021

No matter what your position is within your organization, sooner or later, you are going to be approached to write something. It may be a description for an upcoming program, a press release, a grant proposal, or something as simple as an email to a patron or colleague. For some, writing any of these would be easy. Beautiful prose would flow from their brains to their fingers and out to the keyboard, pen, or pencil. For others, writing anything is about as appealing as a root canal – something that is done only out of necessity.


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