Creating Cohesiveness in Digital Channels to Reach Spanish-Speaking Audiences

24 August 2020

As librarians working during COVID-19, our main challenge is to understand our community’s needs when social distancing is a must. In the past three months, the Northlake Public Library District has worked through four different re-opening phases that required constant adaptation and resilience. Although access to most of our services has now been reinstated, we know our most cherished one ﹣ programming﹣ will not be the same for a long time. The way libraries have readjusted their offerings varies, but we can all agree that the internet has become our most important tool.

A Bearded Dragon in a Virtual Escape Room: Norbert's Census Adventure

3 August 2020

When the initial coronavirus shutdown came in early March, no one had any idea long it would actually last. Libraries closed with little or no warning. Books that were checked out could not be returned, new books could not be checked out, and all the programs and activities that libraries pride themselves on were cancelled. It took a little while, but libraries and librarians rose to the challenge, creating virtual programming for their patrons.

Story by Emily Hampston on Jul 17, 2020

Library Programs Bridge the Distance

Bridie Murphy faithfully attends story time with Ms. B at the Palos Park Public Library. She listens to the welcome song, looks at all the pictures, and knows when to say goodbye. With the implementation of social distancing regulations, story time looks a little different now. Rather than joining other children in the library, she watches Ms. B on the computer surrounded by her stuffed animals. The location has changed but the heart behind library programs has not.  

The Rewards of Pandemic Library Work

8 July 2020

Like many people going through their daily routine, I left work on March 12th not realizing what was coming next. I just finished another successful monthly book club meeting and I was looking forward to a weekend road trip with the girls. It was planned six months previous and we were all excited to get away and enjoy Nashville. Little did I know that my last normal work week had just ended and the world was going to screech to a halt indefinitely.

My Library Is... Collaborating with Our Local Writers Group!

8 June 2020

We are excited to share a recently completed anthology created by the Brookfield Writers Group (BWG) and the La Grange Writers Group (LGWG) titled "Covid Chronicles: 19-word Stories." While this anthology is a record of individual experiences and perspectives during this pandemic, it is also a demonstration that creative collaboration is possible during a time of social distancing! Twenty-three writers contributed to this collection. Some individuals belong to one or both of the writers groups that are hosted by the Brookfield Public Library (BPL) and La Grange Public Library (LGPL).

Sidewalk Obstacle Course

19 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another.  Businesses have closed their doors.  Many of us know someone who has been sick or may have gotten sick ourselves.  The worst was having to tell our patrons, “No, we don’t want you coming to the library.”  What are we if we cannot offer services to the community?

Providing Library Senior Services in a COVID-19 World

28 April 2020

How to provide library service to seniors, the most vulnerable population affected during COVID-19, has been the question raised by outreach librarians across the United States. While we might not be able to visit our seniors or facilities in-person for the foreseeable future, libraries can reach this population while we shelter in place. Below please find tips and tricks that the St. Charles (IL) Public Library’s (SCPL) Outreach Services Team (David Kelsey, Dana Hintz, Lynda Spraner, Christine Steck) recommends in serving the senior demographic during COVID-19.

Story by on Apr 8, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when every library in Illinois shut down, the Aurora Public Library reached out to a local homeless shelter to ask how the library could help. The shelter said that the residents missed the library, so APL created a new branch at the shelter, bringing reading materials, DVDs, children's books, and more. Watch the video on YouTube



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