My Library Is... Conversation with Sasha Vasilic

30 September 2020

RAILS Member Engagement Manager Dan Bostrom speaks with Sasha Vasilic, the Public Relations and Marketing Supervisor, Niles-Maine District Library about the Best. Deal. Ever. campaign. This campaign won the Niles-Maine District Library a John Cotton Dana Award from the American Library Association for excellence in library public relations and strategic communication.

Learn more about this award. 

Virtual FanFests: Taking the Superhero Size Event into a Virtual Space

21 September 2020

In 2019, the Matteson Area Public Library District organized its first comic-con event, MAPLD FanFest, in April. Initially, we weren’t sure  how our community would receive the idea of a FanFest. We hoped for at least 300 attendees but were pleasantly surprised that we had close to 1,000.

Examining Our Controversial History: Deerfield Public Library's Award-Winning Fight to Integrate Project

10 September 2020

In 1959, a housing developer began work on new, upscale homes in Deerfield, with a difference--the development would be racially integrated. Many residents immediately opposed the development. In the weeks that followed, residents passed a park referendum to condemn the developer’s land. The crisis became a national story, attracting the attention of Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and years of protest. The land has remained parks. In the years since, many residents were unaware of this important struggle for civil rights in their community.

Finding Our Voice: Storytime and Summer Reading in the Time of COVID-19

31 August 2020

Colona District Public Library’s Youth Services assistant, Bailey Hager, had a very busy spring and summer. Bailey began a Virtual Story Time in March which will continue indefinitely. She purposefully chose books to match crafts she was demonstrating using items easily found in a home. She used different voices to act out the parts of various characters in the books. Bailey majored in theater and art in college so I think this was more fun than work!

Creating Cohesiveness in Digital Channels to Reach Spanish-Speaking Audiences

24 August 2020

As librarians working during COVID-19, our main challenge is to understand our community’s needs when social distancing is a must. In the past three months, the Northlake Public Library District has worked through four different re-opening phases that required constant adaptation and resilience. Although access to most of our services has now been reinstated, we know our most cherished one ﹣ programming﹣ will not be the same for a long time. The way libraries have readjusted their offerings varies, but we can all agree that the internet has become our most important tool.

A Bearded Dragon in a Virtual Escape Room: Norbert's Census Adventure

3 August 2020

When the initial coronavirus shutdown came in early March, no one had any idea long it would actually last. Libraries closed with little or no warning. Books that were checked out could not be returned, new books could not be checked out, and all the programs and activities that libraries pride themselves on were cancelled. It took a little while, but libraries and librarians rose to the challenge, creating virtual programming for their patrons.

The Rewards of Pandemic Library Work

8 July 2020

Like many people going through their daily routine, I left work on March 12th not realizing what was coming next. I just finished another successful monthly book club meeting and I was looking forward to a weekend road trip with the girls. It was planned six months previous and we were all excited to get away and enjoy Nashville. Little did I know that my last normal work week had just ended and the world was going to screech to a halt indefinitely.

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