Story by Emily Hampston on Jul 17, 2020

Library Programs Bridge the Distance

Bridie Murphy faithfully attends story time with Ms. B at the Palos Park Public Library. She listens to the welcome song, looks at all the pictures, and knows when to say goodbye. With the implementation of social distancing regulations, story time looks a little different now. Rather than joining other children in the library, she watches Ms. B on the computer surrounded by her stuffed animals. The location has changed but the heart behind library programs has not.  

The Rewards of Pandemic Library Work

8 July 2020

Like many people going through their daily routine, I left work on March 12th not realizing what was coming next. I just finished another successful monthly book club meeting and I was looking forward to a weekend road trip with the girls. It was planned six months previous and we were all excited to get away and enjoy Nashville. Little did I know that my last normal work week had just ended and the world was going to screech to a halt indefinitely.

Story by Roslyn Schmaltz on Feb 27, 2020

Marianne Nyberg was brought to a library by her father at least every other week when she was growing up. It was in a library that she learned to read, while, more importantly, cultivating a love of reading as well. Now, being a resident of Bartlett for the past 33 years, her love of libraries has not diminished as she greatly enjoys visiting the Bartlett Public Library District often for programs or checking out materials.

Story by Roslyn Schmaltz on Feb 21, 2020

Tracy Kasten and her family moved to Bartlett just a little over three years ago in order to be near family; they really love the small town feel of Bartlett, and the fact that they’re putting down their roots.

With twins Marie (5) and George (5) Kasten, Tracy and her husband are busy going out and about a majority of the week. They bring Marie and George to parks and friends’ houses to play. They also visit various libraries, one of which is the Bartlett Public Library District.

Story by Rachel Reiter on Feb 10, 2020

Our Short Story Kiosk, generously donated by the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation last spring, has ventured out into the community and made its first stop at Glen Crest Middle School!

The Kiosk dispenses one, three and five-minute stories and poems on long scrolls resembling receipt paper. At Glen Crest, readers can choose from three categories, designated by large buttons on the machine: "Children," "Young Adult" and "Glen Crest." The latter will print original student-written stories.

Story by Monica Tolva on Feb 7, 2020

The Library Media Center at Vernon Hills High School focuses on reading, research and fun! We host students in their classes as they seek reliable information sources and how to cite those sources; we celebrate reading with fiction arranged in 10 genres and an emphasis on books nominated for the Lincoln Illinois Teen Readers' Choice Award; and we welcome more than 500 students from study hall each day who love the bright, comfortable area to study and work on group projects. Our #VHMakeIt makerspace also gives students weekly projects to learn, make, and do. 


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