A video of a story read about a school library. 
Indian Trails Library launched a new program - sharing our four of our members' collections. The video plays on a loop at the library to promote the... more
Dan details the many services and collections -beyond books- at the Crete Public Library!
Faculty and students at Trinity Christian College share their experiences in an academic library and advice for using it well.

Jennie Huizenga Memorial Library — Trinity Christian College

A short explainer video produced in advance of Morton Grove Public Library joining the CCS consortium in January 2019.
A short video produced as part of Morton Grove Public Library's Patron Appreciation Week in April 2018.
Photo recap of QPL's Summer Reading programs, June and July 2019.
A QPL patron talks about the value she receives from Quincy Public Library programs.
A Quincy Public Library patron talks about QPL's value for genealogy research.
A Quincy Public Schools staff member describes the benefits Quincy Public Library provides to schools and children.