14 May 2020

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

IPDPL recently installed a Sidewalk Obstacle Course in front of our Germantown Hills location.  Planning and installation took about a day using chalk for layout and acrylic paint & disposable foam brushes for application.  A more "professional-looking" course might be achieved by using stencils or masking off areas to paint, but we like the fun look of the freehand painting.  Ideas for segments were found by doing a Google image search for "Sidewalk Obstacle Course."  Other segments are possible beyond the ones we included and segments can be repeated, depending upon the length of the installation.  Acrylic paint has easy cleanup during application, is non-toxic, and is relatively permanent once dry.  Additionally, it is relatively inexpensive, so this installation can be achieved even on a miniscule budget.  

This installation is available to the public, even if they are not cardholders.  It is just another way for our library to contribute to the community even if we are closed!