How has your library had a positive impact on your life, or on the lives of others? Read through the stories below, and add your own story.

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Bartlett Public Library District

Walking through the doors of the Still Bar & Grill in Bartlett to join in on the Bartlett Public Library District’s BookLite book club conversation sounds a bit nerve-wracking when you don’t know many people present, but Bartlett resident Cristina Ligocki absolutely loved it.   “It was a... More about Bartlett Public Library District from Anonymous

Hinckley Public Library District

In a small town with no regular activities or entertainment opportunities, the library is a place to meet your new best friend. There are many kids between the ages of 8 and 13 who meet at the library after school and during the summer to play their favorite computer games together. As the noise... More about Hinckley Public Library District from Anonymous

Schaumburg Township District Library

Marlene Jones appreciates Schaumburg Library's home delivery service because it's not easy for her to drive these days.
Marlene Jones has always made it a priority to stay connected and active in the community.  “I work with my church group to bring in presenters,” she said. “I love the programs and book clubs at The Barn in Schaumburg. And I like to go to Schaumburg Library for programs, too, but it’s tougher... More about Schaumburg Township District Library from Anonymous

Schaumburg Township District Library

Linda Swan came to Schaumburg Library when she wanted to transfer her home movies to a digital format.
Linda Swan’s home movie from a 1972 trip to Norway has been brought into the Digital Age. Shot on Super 8 film, Linda no longer has to worry about deterioration over time – or her projector breaking – because she’s converting her movies using equipment at Schaumburg Library. “We have movies from... More about Schaumburg Township District Library from Anonymous

Schaumburg Township District Library

Former MLB pitcher Jim Mecir came to Schaumburg Library when he needed help getting his new business off the ground.
Born with a club foot, Jim Mecir overcame his disability to find success in the big leagues as the pitcher for the Oakland A’s team depicted in the bestselling book and movie Moneyball. Now a resident of Kildeer, Jim has teamed up with Ellen Schnur from The Second City and created ImprovTalk , a... More about Schaumburg Township District Library from Anonymous

Schaumburg Township District Library

Victoria Smith was excited to be hired by British Swim School after attending Schaumburg Library's Teen Job Fair.
In February, more than 200 teens came to Schaumburg Township District Library in hopes of landing their first job. The Library gathered local businesses looking to hire teens, provided experts to give teens tips on improving their resumes and interviewing skills, and made it simple for teens to... More about Schaumburg Township District Library from Anonymous

Indian Prairie Public Library

We Help People Find Jobs   Tim Wierdak didn’t know why he wasn’t getting job offers. In two short weeks, he went from not knowing why to landing a new job.   A frequent Indian Prairie Public Library visitor, he learned that the library offers a variety of job and career services, and he... More about Indian Prairie Public Library from Anonymous

Wilmette Public Library

We are in the heat and humidity of July now and it reminds of me of how I loved to spend my time at the Wilmette Public Library. I could walk there (had to be careful crossing the railroad tracks), and since we were near the lake we didn't have air conditioning in the 1960's. Instead it was the... More about Wilmette Public Library from TRACY HUBBARD