Rushville Public Library

Amy Ambrosius
  • Library Employee

I am the Director at a small and very rural library, Rushville Public Library.  My children are grown and we were cleaning out our garage. We had accumulated several sleds over the years. As with most of my items, I try and see if our library can use them before disposing of. We had another patron give us this art easel.  I brought it outside and quickly made a sign.  My husband dropped off the sleds and we just kind of threw it all together!  I honestly did not care if the sleds made their way back to the library. Well, they have all made it back, several times!

The nearest big box store is about 30 minutes. Most of the time the sled section is sold out after a big winter snow like we have had this winter. We even had a girls birthday party borrow all of our sleds at once! The pictures they send me were great.  

Libraries are still offering services. They just look a little different right now. I think we will keep this one!