Robert W. Rowe Public Library District

Patricia Smith
  • Library Employee
Hello Patty! 

I wanted to share the picture that I took today with you. I also wanted to thank you all for your efforts and programs. We have loved visiting the library. When I was a kid I always loved going there and I see the same light in my daughter’s eyes and it makes me so happy. She is a little book worm. I hadn’t sat down and read any books for myself in awhile. Seeing that there were prizes I could win made me want to give it a shot! I ended up reading two chapter books (I have two young kids at home so couldn’t read more) but starting to read for me again was so relaxing. Then winning those tickets really made me so excited. I grew up in a household that loooves hockey and we haven’t brought Aubrey to a game yet so it was just really cool all around. Also, Aubrey gripped that book tight all the way home and wanted me to read it to her while she sat with Humpty