West Leyden High School, Leyden High Schools District # 212

Janine M. Asmus, West Leyden Librarian
  • Library Employee
West Leyden High School Library; Students engaged in our annual "Don't be Loco, Have Some Cocoa" reading campaign!

The West Leyden High School Library, located in Northlake, IL is an amazing place to work, to engage, to read, to research, to tinker, to decompress and to learn! We are in a brand "new construction" library! Students have amazing opportunities here.

 We have had and will continue to have successful author events in our library celebrating literature and diversity in our reading, while discovering our reading identity. We host targeted programming in our makerspace , allowing our students (makersquad) to teach their teachers how to "make." We are about to embark on our biennial ONE BOOK ONE LEYDEN event, where we will host Illinois native Erika L. Sanchez, author of "I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter."  She'll speak to all students and have a special VIP lunch with students who've read her book and LOVED it!  An evening community event celebrating her book and connecting with those outside the school will take place as well in the West Leyden High School Library.