Bartlett Public Library District

Roslyn Schmaltz
  • Library Employee
Pictured is Sarah and Neal Fuchs and their five sons who just came out of a BPLD program.

Sarah Fuchs has been a resident of Bartlett for 31 years. It’s where she grew up, where she met her husband, and where they raised their family. Part of the reason why she and her family love Bartlett so much also has to do with the Bartlett Public Library District.


“The library provides enrichment opportunities for kids aside from school,” Sarah said. “Librarians are some of the best teachers for early childhood development.”


Sarah and her husband Neal Fuchs, a Bartlett Police Officer, have five boys [Tayden (8), Wyatt (7), Jasten (4), Emmett (2) and Camden (7 months)], and they are very active when it comes to attending the library’s special events and regular programs, attending them at least two to three times a week, if not more.


Sarah and her family also love reading together; it’s how they spend their family time. They will read at home with the plethora of books they have there, or they will search through the library stacks after a program to read in the Youth & Teen Services Department.


 “We live here [at the library],” Sarah said. “The quality of programs is outstanding. Everyone is so patient and wonderful with kids.”


“It’s been wonderful to watch the Fuchs family grow up at the library,” Youth & Teen Services Assistant Manager Phyllis Sadowski said.


There did come a time when Sarah and Neal debated moving, but the library was among the various reasons they decided to stay.


“You’re not just a face in the crowd,” Sarah said. “You’re a part of the library family.”

“I know when I come here that my kids are loved. The trust is there.”


Sarah also noted that attending library programs builds a comradery with other parents in the community. She and her family will be out and about at a village or sporting event in Bartlett, and then see some of the parents who also bring their children to the library. She said it is nice to see the familiar faces.


The Bartlett Public Library District, located at 800 S. Bartlett Rd., provides programs and services to meet the needs of the community. For more information and a complete listing of scheduled programs, call 630.837.2855 or visit