Schaumburg Township District Library

  • Library Employee
Linda Swan came to Schaumburg Library when she wanted to transfer her home movies to a digital format.

Linda Swan’s home movie from a 1972 trip to Norway has been brought into the Digital Age.

Shot on Super 8 film, Linda no longer has to worry about deterioration over time – or her projector breaking – because she’s converting her movies using equipment at Schaumburg Library.

“We have movies from when I was a kid, movies from the ‘50s through the ‘90s,” Linda said. “What I’m finding is that even though they’re old, they transfer beautifully.”

Having her film sent out to be digitized would be costly, but Schaumburg Library allows use of the equipment for free. Linda made an appointment with staff to learn how to use the machine and was good to go within a few minutes.

“I’ve finished 12 reels and have another 40 to do – maybe more,” she said. “I’m glad the Library is doing this. There must be a lot of people with film at home. I’d highly recommend it.”