July-December 2021 Continuing Education Calendar Handout

Illinois Heartland Library System

IHLS's half-year calendar handout, available both for download on our website and as a (potentially updated) printed copy to be handed out at in-person events

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

The pandemic made Zoom a household word, even if many people were unfamiliar with the platform of the capabilities.  I created this infographic to share with our patrons as a step-by-step guide on how to use Zoom for meetings.

My Library Is ...

"My Academic Library Is ..." - Flyer focusing on academic libraries. Sources are provided on the annotated document.

Trinity Christian College - Jennie Huizenga Memorial Library

This postcard is provided during to orientaiton to new faculty, adjuncts, adult students, and graduate students.  For students,  a small piece of candy taped to the front corner as a "sweet treat." Additional copies are made available for any interested patron to take at the library circulation & reference desk.  Patrons report keeping the card near their computer or using it as a bookmark... More from Trinity Christian College - Jennie Huizenga Memorial Library

Trinity Christian College

The inspiration for this bookmark came from a racoon-themed  origami bookmark created by Lisle public library that was left behind after a session at ILA 2018.   Librarian Sarah Hoeksema of Trinity Christian College adapted  the concept to feature our college mascot.