5 August 2019

One Book, One Northbrook Booklet and Bookmark

Northbrook Public Library

One Book, One Northbrook Booklet

We used this booklet to promote and to help facilitate discussion of our first village-wide "One Book" program. 

What it contained

The booklet contained information about the genesis of the program, how the book was chosen, and information about the book and the author. In addition, we provided a brief overview of each program, sample discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading. 

How it was used

The eight page booklet was produced in house, and we distributed about 500 copies leading up to and throughout the month of July 2019. In addition to distributing at the library, we also provided copies at outreach events held throughout the Northbrook to promote the new program. 

One Book, One Northbrook Bookmark

We distributed this bookmark at our Circulation desk and Reference desks, and brought it to all of our oureach events. The bookmarks provided a cost effective way to promote our Kickoff event.