8 January 2020

Banned Books Week

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

IPDPL-Benson Banned Books 2019
IPDPL-Germantown Hills Banned Books 2019
IPDPL-Metamora Banned Books 2019
IPDPL-Spring Bay Banned Books 2019
IPDPL-Washburn Banned Books 2019

For Banned Books Week in September, we selected titles from our catalog that have been previously banned or challenged and wrapped them in brown kraft paper so that the covers were obscured.  We added a sticker on the front, with the title of the book and a brief synopsis, along with a list of reasons the title had been challenged.  We also added a variety of emoji stickers, representing the reasons for challenge.  Each branch also displayed an Emoji Legend, along with free signage from ALA about Banned Books week.

The preparation for this display was fairly simple.  We cross-refernced which books on the ALA Banned/Challenged Books list were in our catalog, formated and printed the title stickers, and formated and printed the emoji stickers.  The actual wrapping of the books went very quickly, and the appropriate stickers were added once the book was wrapped.

Wrapped books were set out for display, and checked out to patrons with the wrappers left in place (our barcodes are inside the front cover, so they were not obscured by the wrap).  There were even a couple of books that were returned with the wrappers still in place!  We initially started with 5-10 wrapped books in each branch, but as books got checked out, we had back-up titles available, so the displays were maintained throughout the week.