12 April 2021
Image credit: Hans Jurgen Mager via Unsplash.com.

This is my first year at a school library. I worked at a public library for 13 years. There were always times that were more stressful and busier than others but moving to a school I have encountered a strange phenomenon that starts in March, and I am told lasts until the end of the school year when everything and everyone starts feeling the push to get things done and ends up stressed. I heard about it before it started and I thought, “that won’t happen to me.” Guess what, it did. I now feel buried both at school and at work in a way I have never experienced before. 

So what does this have to do with advocating for or telling your library’s story? You can’t do those things if you are burnt out! Burnout, self-care, BLAH. I know we hear these terms over and over with tips and tricks attached. I’m not going to try to give you mental health advice. The past year has been unparalleled. We have been asked to do things we never thought possible and push ourselves past the point of comfort. We have given others grace that we haven’t given ourselves. What I am going to tell you is that no matter if you are feeling successful or defeated right now, you are awesome. 

I am currently in survival mode and I know many of you are as well.  I can’t expect myself to do amazing things, just the things I need to get done today. Will this last forever? For me, there is a clear end in sight. For others maybe the end isn’t as clear, but it will end, and if it doesn’t then reach out for help. It isn’t healthy to live in survival mode for long. Just remember you are not alone. 

Our guest blogger today is Jessica Parker. Jessica is the Library Media Specialist at Kaneland High School. She is also a member of the My Library Is... Advisory Team.