19 December 2022

In May of 2022, a patron came up to the Reference Desk at the Northbrook Public Library asking for help with her new cell phone. She said that she had previously used a flip phone, but was told by her phone provider that they no longer supported it and that she needed to get a smartphone. She said that she didn't know how to use a smartphone, even to make or receive a call and she was concerned she was going to miss an important call from her doctor. Even though we don't usually schedule same-day 1:1 technology instruction appointments, we made an exception so that she would not be without a phone. Since then, she has been coming in every week for our Tech Tuesdays walk-up help service. Not only can she now use her phone for calls, but she can also access her voicemail and change her phone settings. We have many patrons who rely on the library for technology help to do everyday tasks.

Today's guest blog post is by Susan Wolf, Adult Services Manager, Northbrook Public Library