12 February 2021
Clothing donations for Popular Creek Public Library.

At first, I thought our knitting and crochet group, Pins & Needles, was just group of good friends who liked to get together, knit and chat.  It turns out that that's not all the ladies come for and it's not even their only goal. 

I came to find out they have created hundreds of assorted warm items for our community. This group of seniors used to meet weekly here at the Poplar Creek Public Library and in several of our community centers or local cafes. About a year ago, all that changed. Though rest assured, these ladies did what they do best - kept calm and crocheted on. When we began meeting again on Zoom, it became clear they had created a lot of items in their spare time. Then, I realized, they do this every year, regularly!

Through our meetings, the ladies have coordinated the collection of hundreds of items for several community populations in need. You name it - oncology centers for chemo patients, our local school district for kids in need, homeless shelters, or hospital neo-natal units - they have it covered. They focus on each collection of specific items for a period of time or until they have gathered enough items to donate (and they are very generous!). Then, they move on the next collection sequentially. I've heard them discussing sizes, patterns, and specific yarn types for each person or population they have in mind. With each stitch, it is done with purpose and practicality. 

It's astonishing to think what 12 ladies can put together with regular meetings. We will proudly do what is necessary to facilitate their incredible charitable actions. From their hands to other's hearts, it's a pretty admirable thing to focus on and definitely deserves recognition. 

Our guest blogger today is Erin Isaacson. Erin is the Senior Outreach Librarian at the Poplar Creek Public Library District.