16 May 2024
The Off Topic Exhibit in the Kemper Room at Galvin Library

The Kemper Room is an exhibition space located on the upper level of the Paul V. Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Over the years it has been a place for campus partners to showcase an eclectic assortment of work: German airbrushed ceramics, textile artwork, photography, a student drama group show, and more.

The current exhibit, titled Off Topic, was produced by the Hybrid Objects class taught by Professor Brick Cassidy. Architecture students interacted with a combination of building materials such as wood, concrete, paint, and steel in order to create their objects. Using a variety of methods that included 3D printing, CNC milling, and pen plotting, students designed and built twenty-five objects for the class that were also used for the exhibit. 

The objects created were as varied as the materials used to create them. One student created a giant spider out of wood, foam, fabric, polylactic acid (PLA), Apoxie Sculpt, and glass. Another student created a trio of guitar bodies out of acrylic and wood. A third student fashioned a crane out of stone, African Mahogany, PLA, and rope.

Galvin Library is proud to support our students’ creativity and provide a space for them to showcase their work. Exhibits in the Kemper Room can be visited by the university community as well as the general public during the day.

Today's blog post is by Nichole Novak, Head of Reference and Instruction Services, Illinois Institute of Technology, Paul V. Galvin Library