10 June 2021
Find More Illinois.

Waynesville is a very small, very rural community. We have an American Legion and a post office. Our younger kids go to school eight miles away. For middle school and high school it’s 17 miles away. But we do have… A LIBRARY! And now? Our library is the first non-automated library to join Find More Illinois! And we couldn’t be happier.

With Find More Illinois, the patrons in our small township have access to much larger libraries. They now have access to more than three millions items! They can search for any book and have it shipped right to our local library. Find More Illinois actually serves as our catalog as well, so our patrons can now search our local collection from the comfort of their own homes.

The cost of membership in a consortium has been a limiting factor in our library’s ability to connect prior to this time. Find More Illinois is cost-effective, and it’s easy to use. And now, the trail has been blazed for other non-automated libraries to join as well! The steps are in place, and they are so simple!

I encourage any rural, non-automated library to check out Find More Illinois as an option for connecting their collection, and to serve as a cataloging system. The RAILS staff is so helpful and are quick to answer any questions you might have.

Our staff and patrons are so thankful to RAILS for providing this option to small town libraries like ours.

Our guest blogger today is Holly Murphy. Holly is the Library Director at Waynesville Public Library in Waynesville, Illinois. 

Waynesville PL recently joined Find More Illinois. With Find More Illinois, libraries can expand resource sharing and facilitate discovery and interlibrary loan for their patrons.




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