3 April 2023
Sign with large paper snowflakes

In March 2022, students at Northern Illinois University created the world’s largest paper snowflake. It is forty-four feet six inches across and has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records! The NIU Libraries got in on the excitement with a special event in its honor. The library partnered with many people from across campus to display the snowflake, host a workshop for creating paper snowflakes, present talks by experts on snowflakes and weather, and highlight the library’s Science on a Sphere. See more about the event at https://niutoday.info/2023/03/21/world-record-paper-snowflake-to-be-exhibited-at-niu-library-through-april-10/.

This event is a great example of how the library can use its spaces and facilities to bring campus and community together. The event was attended by a wide variety of people, from students and faculty to local artists and families with children. It celebrated an unusual and important achievement of NIU students while also providing the opportunity for all to learn about snowflakes, weather, and art. NIU faculty were highlighted, giving interesting presentations on their work. The mayor of DeKalb was there for the event. The library plans to preserve the actual paper snowflake in University Archives.

Submitted by: Gwen Gregory, associate dean for collections management, Northern Illinois University Libraries