13 January 2022
patrons making cards

The purpose of Libraries is to provide opportunities. Opportunity for information, research, connection, cultural awareness; the list extends for miles. One of the Lisle Library District’s goals is to provide an opportunity for kindness.

This effort has been conjured in collecting needed items for veterans and homeless people, hosting blood drives, food drives, and more, but the LLD sought something more permanent alongside these community efforts. Thus, the LLD Kindness Card program was launched in December 2021.

The LLD Kindness Card program consists of card-making stations in both Adult and Youth Services filled with colorful blank cards and a variety of markers, stickers, and stencils. The stations accommodate an instant volunteer opportunity, and children in grades 6-12 can earn an hour of volunteering for every five cards made (with a maximum of two hours/ten cards). All completed cards are sent to Cardz for Kidz, a nonprofit organization based in Chicago that distributes handmade cards to hospitalized children, seniors, and veterans internationally.

While this type of program is typically referred to as a “passive program,” we note that this program is anything but passive. The program is an exercise of love, empathy, generosity, or quite simply, kindness. Our patrons will never know who their card reaches, and there’s a beauty in spreading anonymous kindness. Seeing the card makers focused on sending a message of love fosters nearly palpable energy in the Library.

Since the program launched on December 3, 151 cards have been made and our first delivery to Cardz for Kidz was on December 29.

Our goal is not just for the program to grow, but for the kindness to grow as well. Communities want to give back and spread kindness, we are merely offering them the opportunity.

Submitted by Joy Davis