10 February 2020
My Library Is... Champions training videos

You agree with the concept: libraries need more resources to help them tell the story. You like the resources: a whole website full of those resources. But now you're wondering, how can you help with the My Library Is... campaign? 

Great question! You can start by becoming a My Library Is... Champion! What is a My Library Is... Champion? It's anyone that can invest the time to participate in the campaign by doing one or more of the following activities:

  • Adding materials to our Sharing Showcase
  • Capturing a library story from one of your patrons
  • Promoting the campaign to a wider audience
  • Adding code to your library's website

But how do you do all those things? Another great question! And we just made it easier for you by creating training videos on how to use our site and how to take your participation to the next level. There are six vidoes:

  1. Get Started - an overview of Get Started section of the My Library Is... website 
  2. Training - how you can access upcoming and archived webinars that correspond with My Library Is... topics
  3. Sharing Showcase - access My Library Is... resources from libraries around Illinois
  4. Blog - some real-life examples of how libraries are telling their story
  5. Adding a Story - how to add stories from your patrons to the My Library Is... website, and if you choose, your library's website!
  6. Adding to the Sharing Showcase - how to add your own materials to the Sharing Showcase

Oh, and there's one more way in which you can get involved. Sign up for the RAILS Marketing & PR email list. You'll receive an email everytime a new blog post is published! We've included directions for you below:

  • Login to the RAILS homepage with your L2 credentials
  • Navigate to My Email Lists
  • Click Change your subscriptions or join additional email lists
  • Scroll down to Marketing and Public Relations and toggle Subscribe for all mail (normal delivery)
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Save

Thank you!